Do you have a TV or Movie concept?


trip-ginger-with-camera-filterOriginal ideas and concepts are endless, yet so few ever see the light of day. Having a concept is great but the ability to follow through on that million-dollar idea is where success lies.

The echoes of verbalized ideas ring out in every bar, every club and every home in the land yet few ever make it to production. Every industry has its protocols and hierarchy and unless everything is aligned perfectly at the perfect time then the chances of you being able to take your concept to production are essentially zero.

Electra Star Productions is pleased to offer you the chance for your concept and idea to take its first breath of life. If you have a truly original Television or Movie idea then please summarize it and send it to us for review, we might just be able to help.

Our accomplishments speak for themselves. Our network of contacts in the wonderful world of entertainment is endless and our ability to take a concept to production in the shortest time possible is unequalled. If we can’t help then I’m afraid that fabulous concept that you have for that new Reality Show just isn’t that great after all, but it is always better to know than wonder forever more.

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